June 13, 2012


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thanks all! Katie, I'm in Connecticut now, but I'm originally an Okie! I have been reinadg your blog for awhile now (and love it btw) and loving hearing stories about my old stompin' ground. We still have lots of family there, so we are back every so often to visit. My husband and I are high school sweethearts (graduated from Jenks) and both OSU grads. Loving chatting with a fellow Oklahoman!


"I have a feeling there is a sawed off SMLE with half a graese gun screwed onto it's attenuated barrel somewhere.........."Could the mold for the casting be made from an unaltered SMLE then cut down?Also, the auction text seems to have changed since the previous comments:"Attention Ebay and potential bidders:THIS ITEM CANNOT BE MADE TO FIRE ANYTHING Its a Static Display Replica.. This is Non Functional Star Wars Display Prop, Does not fire any projectiles, or anthing, Its Unique Crafted Prop.No Resin Parts Here!!Weight is very Respectable 6 lbs! "Six pounds, no resin, sounds like wood and metal to me.

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This just doesn't get old.

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