June 17, 2012


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I wish I'd known: I wish I would have known that it would be so rewarding and I would have stertad sooner.Hard Lesson: After blogging at Active Rain for my peers for almost a year, I realized that if I wrote specifically for my clients and defined my audience, I could actually make money from blogging. (I wasted all that time and a year of content would place our business in a totally different level today)

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Wow. This is a fantastic article. Our company, Azigo (www.Azigo.com), has just released its public beta. It's an app that gives you more of what you want from the brands you love by putting marketing messages and preference data under your control... think "Pinterest meets email."

We know this is something bloggers, especially fashion and style related bloggers, would be interested in trying and sharing with their readers, but we are still trying to figure out the best way to approach these bloggers so they feel we are genuine in our desire to give them great content to write about without making them feel like we are just spamming them. We're thought about offering unique URLs to our site with a denomination per sign-up, a mutual feature within our site, or even just the simple hey, we thought you might be interested and would love to be reviewed/ featured. Or do we approach it from the advertising point of view and just try to pay them for a feature?

I'd love some advice from a seasoned blogger such as yourself.... what, for you, is the best way for a company to approach you if they are hoping to have you write about their product??? Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Gabe Sterne
Managing Director
Azigo, Inc.

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interesting read for sure. blogging can be journalism, but is not inherently so. i think that's the sticking point.

Jen @ Secondcitysoiree.com

Amen to the "bloggers are not necessarily journalists" bit. Some do consider themselves journalists and operate accordingly, and that's fine. But not all bloggers do.

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